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As Steellines being aware of that our most valuable asset is our human sources, we set our first aim to provide a work envrionment to our colleagues that they would be happy and would improve themselves both in professional and huminitarian ways.

First of our expactations from the joiners of Steellines family are , they should be honest and open, must have a strong will to succeed , enable to take individual initiative and responsibility and ability to demonstrate high level leadership. To be customer and service oriented, adaptation to teamwork and to be open to inovations are among the prior important qualities for us.

Every new colleague with these characteristics, will be welcomed with an instutional approach , focused to human in the business processing , using most modern methods and methodologies in order to develope and further move the human resources.

With this approach,

  • We invest on personel development of our employees from the first day,
  • Evaluate our colleagues performance regularly and we are looking for the path to upgrade it together.
  • We bring up training opportunities to enhance vocational formation at every turn, we provide opportunity to develop leadership skills and assume responsibility to our colleagues advancing his career

To the future Steellines employees , we promise you a friendly working environment targeted for continuous improvement, we expect you to join us.

If you want to apply for a job at Steellines, send us by filling out the form below. Our human resources department will consider your application when suitable positions on your occupation opens up.


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