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CorporateWe are with you in every step from the selling of the raw material to the processing of metal

 The passion Ahmet Özbaş feels, while he shapes the rock like iron with fire , passes as an heritage from generation to generation for his son Çetin Özbaş and now for Ali Özbaş. Steellines, one of the most recognized and favorite company in iron and steel industry with a century of accumulation of technological knowledge , experience and competency, never stopped the policy to serve higher quality more economically within this development. Created an unshakable trust by sharing its experiences and strength with its customers. 

Steellines , with this confidence provided from its customers , founded the center for sheet metal processing in 2004 under the name of Steellines , by importing German Trump ,which is the one of the biggest manufacturer of the world for laser cut , punch press, laser assisted CNC press brakes, and Belgium origin LVD brand processing machines. Thus  , started to serve in the field of metal processing for the iron and steel industry. Now Steellines , continues its growing and investings , moving its new 10.000 m2  production area in İzmirs biggest organized industrial zone ,  Çiğli Atatürk Organized Industrial Zone.

STELLINES , continuing its investments also in abroad, realized its first investment in Ukraine and founded hundred percent Turkish capital Steellines Ukraine by purchasing 172 acres land in the city of Donetsk. STEELLINES now , invites you to meet with a century accumulation of experience , competency and the philosphy that the biggest gain is the human and feel that confidence. Waiting your call , to get best prices, best stock capacity and the highest quality service in most appropriate conditions and to benefit from these previleges. 

Our Mission

In accordance with our principles and our company policies, always leading to 100% customer satisfaction, processing products like  iron, steel , pipe , profile , sheet metal either we bought or imported at our  laser , press brake , punch and plasm machines , to bring together  consumers and producers with high quality and reasonable prices. 

Our Vision

Sticked to our corporate principles which forms the basis for institutionalism, company policies , company standarts and rules,  with the concept of participative management which will bring all employees individual performance and abilities to the highest level , retaining solid and competitve financial structure with the most efficient use of resources, setting up and improving a sales system that is open to technological developments with electronic commerce applications , by building production facilities and make productions appropriate to its field  , have a voice related to the areas in which it operates not only in Turkey but also abroad as well, providing the best service and best price in the widest area and to be the company known as environmentally and socially responsible ,  trusted, respected and sought in his work.