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Steellines is established in 2004. Company serves as a business partner to all of the industrialists using steel such as machinary, automotive , aviation , home appliances and iron and steel industry. With Trumpf and LVD brand laser cutting, laser and CNC assisted press brakes and punching machines realizes all of your projects. 


Steellines Ukraine

Established in 2008, the company was yet in its infancy, although it will stand stand up too quickly. Established by hundred percent Turkish capital in Ukraine , Steellines Ukraine , aims to open up to the world with its iron and steel manufacturing and trading activities. Furthormore , at its 172000 square metres sized land in Doneck it will provide open or indoor areas with present energy , gas and water for entrepreneurial Turkish companies which are willing to invest. The project that is considered to assist the companies in Turkey  planning to open to abroad  will be accomplished soon.


OZCE Iron and Steel Inc.

Our company, maintaining iron and steel business, serves in its facilities located in Izmir Pinarbasi and Cigli. The company which sells sheet metals , profiles , pipes, rolling miles and rebars with various campaigns to its customers, aims to give a new direction to iron and steel trade.